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the beauty of motherhood is you

The beauty of motherhood is you

madison holden

Hello beautiful mama!

I am so grateful that you have found my site! I'm Madison Holden, RN, MSN, Certified Baby Nutrition Consultant and Certified Postpartum Nutrition Consultant from Oh Baby Academy. 


You have finally found the right place if you are looking for postpartum support, postpartum nutrition consulting or baby nutrition consulting. Motherhood can be taxing and overwhelming. I get it. My mission is to help you feel supported and confident in your own postpartum wellness and when it comes to starting your baby on solids.

You may be wondering: when can I start my baby on solids? What are common postpartum health conditions? How often should I breastfeed my newborn? ​What are key nutrients in my baby's development? Cut out the internet surfing and book a consultation with me! My consultations are designed to get to know you personally so that we can couple your innate intuition with modern practicalities. 


Breastfeeding is our time to slow down and cherish love

What food should I start my baby on?

Have you ever heard from your doctor that when starting your baby on solids you should begin them on rice puffs, cereals or jarred purees? 

We all have! Purees are often processed at high heat and actually have very little nutritional value, along with dissolvable puffs and fruit melts. While I definitely understand the convenience of Gerber products, and I am totally not against the occasional gummy snack, I believe there are alternative ways to start your baby on solids that are more healthy and just as easy.

Trust me, starting your baby on solids that are rich in vital and unaltered nutrients is doable for any mom. My methods are authentic, modern and can be implemented by the busiest of moms. 

what food should I start my baby on?

Get Support With 

When and how to start your baby on solids

How to meal prep baby food, safely

Nutrients important for child development

Finding the right prenatal vitamin 

Allergenic foods-timeline of when to introduce them and how to monitor


How to start weaning baby from breastfeeding


Important postpartum nutrition needs


Nourishing the new mother


Recovering from vaginal birth or what care should be taken after cesarean delivery


Help with postpartum conditions (ie constipation, engorgement, mastitis, thrush, afterpains, edema, etc)


Support for breastfeeding mothers

Balancing breastmilk with foods

how to start your baby on solids
what are alternatives to processed foods?

What are alternatives to processed foods?

Cultivating a diverse taste palette begins when your baby is starting solids. If you are looking for alternatives to highly processed foods (when it comes to safely starting your baby on solids) I can assist. I can help you navigate through foods that are portrayed as healthy through clever marketing and foods that are actually healthy! I can guide you through outdated nutritional advice to learning how to make informed and intuitive choices for you and your baby.   

postpartum consultation

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Each consultation is exactly what you need assistance with, whether it covers starting your baby on solids, breastfeeding, or health conditions. 

postpartum wellness


The best resource to find expert advice on postpartum wellness and nourishing yourself or your baby. You may find topics on healthy living and motherhood. 

new mom


Working with new mothers is the best thing in the world. You will never be made to feel bad for asking questions, especially when it comes to your wellness. 

surround yourself with the support of other women

Surround yourself with the support of other women 


Madison was just what I needed! I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to mom and baby, but for some reason I got so much anxiety when it was almost time to start my baby on solids! I knew I wanted up to date information and education. This is where Madison comes in, and shines! She is so knowledgeable, kind and patient. I never felt like I was being shamed for maybe starting solids too soon (oops), she just gently redirected me in some other alternatives and taught me why it would benefit my babe to wait a few weeks. Money invested with this knowledge is so worth it. You won’t regret investing in your babies health as well as your own. My baby now eats SO many great foods! Sardines, organic liver, beet kraut, probiotic cottage cheese, just to name a few. But it’s not just what she is eating, it was learning WHY those foods were beneficial. It gives me so much piece of mind knowing that I am supporting my babies body, gut and micro biome with these nutrient dense foods. 


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