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Resources for new moms​

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I am a nurse and a certified postpartum nutrition consultant and a certified baby nutrition consultant because I want to help people. There is such a lack of information out there about when to start your baby on solids and what nourishing foods are vital for our babies to establish healthy eating habits right from the beginning. I am a certified postpartum nutrition consultant because I also wanted to learn how to support and replenish my own postpartum body as I took on the role of a new mother.  I love what I do and am beyond grateful to have the knowledge and experience to help others. I am so excited to meet you.

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Resources for new moms​

Resources for new moms

Hey mama! You are not alone. 

Motherhood can be taxing. I know! 

Surrounding yourself with the support of other women is life-changing. I am here to be your number one side kick.  


Get three questions answered via text for $15. If you just have a few nagging questions, this is for you. Maybe the question is around your postpartum wellness or understanding your baby's nutritional needs. Whatever it is, know that all questions are welcome. If it turns out you need to schedule a full consultation, you will not be charged for the texts. 

Invoices are sent Via Venmo.

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Wondering how to support new mothers?

Give a unique baby shower gift for your favorite woman, that perfect baby shower gift for your best friend, or that special something for an expecting mother. Consultations include postpartum health and wellness. The topics covered are rest, nutrition, common health conditions and more! Each consultation is exactly what she needs. 

Gift cards are non-refundable and are sent to your email for an immediate download. Gift cards never expire.

Wondering how to support new mothers?
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