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Producing Too Much Breastmilk?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I struggled with oversupply with my daughter, and it was so hard! I was so grateful to have a good milk supply, but I had so much it wasn’t only hard for me, it was hard for Harper as well. So, what exactly is oversupply? Oversupply is when you are overproducing milk, essentially you are making more milk than your baby needs.

For new mama’s, oversupply can cause recurrent clogged ducts, leading to mastitis. This can be very painful and discouraging during the breastfeeding journey. During the first 6 weeks, engorgement and leaking are very common, but when you have oversupply, your milk supply doesn’t regulate as well. With oversupply, mamma’s have a hard time feeling like they have emptied their breasts after a feeding or pump session, especially because the breast is more likely to refill quicker in between feeding sessions. For babies, oversupply can result in fussiness during feedings as they struggle with a heavy flow while nursing. They can also have more gassiness and spit up due to the large volumes of milk they are consuming. It is also common for little ones to cough and choke during their feedings, as they are swallowing very fast. You might also notice that your little one is pulling off the breast more often or clamping down on the nipple, as they are trying to help slow down the milk flow or take a break.

My daughter struggled with green frothy poops because she was filling up on the lactose-rich foremilk, and not enough of the higher-fat hindmilk. She was never getting the good hindmilk because I had so much foremilk that she was full before she could reach it. This is another sign of oversupply.

So, what can you do to help? One thing that really improved my oversupply was using the Haaka! When your baby is eating, place the Haaka on the other breast and it will collect your letdown on the opposite side. This is a great way to rid some of the foremilk without pumping, which can cause your body to produce more milk. A great way to help your little one feed with oversupply is nursing in the laid-back breastfeeding position. This will help your baby have more control with a slower flow. You can also try a lactation massager which help relieve plugged ducts and prevent mastitis.


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