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Hey Mamas, let’s stay hydrated!

When I am pregnant, the last thing I want to do is drink water. Trust me, I know, it’s not particularly common! But the taste of water is so bland when I am pregnant that unless I am infusing my water with fruit or some herbs, it is hard for me to get my ounces in. But, that all changes postpartum! After having my daughter, I could not get enough water in me.

It is so important to stay hydrated both during pregnancy and postpartum. During pregnancy, your body needs more water to help manage the demands of your changing body. Water helps your body absorb essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells. Those blood cells then reach your placenta, which leads directly to your baby! After the baby, it is also so important to stay hydrated to restore balance, regain energy and help in your milk production. Because most women are hooked up to an IV during labor, it is very common to experience extra swelling after having a baby. Drinking fluids helps flush out extra water retention that you may be experiencing post baby.

For those mama’s breastfeeding, it is important for you to rehydrate at each breastfeeding session. My favorite thing to do is find a large water bottle with a straw and keep it next to you when you are nursing. Try infusing your water with grapefruit, strawberry, lemon, cucumber, mint or basil! Coconut water or lemon water are great electrolyte-rich beverages that speed up recovery and can help with muscle contractions. These muscle contractions help the uterus to contract back to its pre-pregnancy size.


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