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Is My Baby Ready for Solids?

Updated: May 7, 2021

I remember around 4 months I was thinking of starting solids with my daughter, Harper. My pediatrician told me in our visit that I could start offering her some baby food, and I could tell that Harper was interested in what I was eating.

However, I felt a little bit anxious about starting her on solids. I didn’t know if she was ready, and I wanted to make sure that the small amount of food she would begin to eat was packed with nutrients that would help her grow strong.

It wasn’t until I became a certified nutrition consultant for babies that I learned about the developmental signs of readiness to look for when starting solids for your little one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics , the World Health Organization, and several other health organizations recommend that babies exclusively breastfeed/formula feed for the first 6 months of life.

Identifying when a baby is ready for solids depends on the maturity of their digestive tract and the developmental signs that come with starting solids. Fortunately for us, we have recognizable indicators that determine developmental signs of readiness, helping us know when our little one is ready to begin solids!

Here are 5 signs that indicate developmental signs of readiness:

1. Your little one should be able to sit upright unsupported or with little help. This

indicates that they have good neck and head strength.

2. Your little one can turn their head, demonstrating a sign of fullness and that they have

had enough to eat.

3. Your little one has lost the tongue-thrust reflux. This means that a baby does not

automatically push solids out of their mouth with their tongue.

4. Your little one is developing their “pincer” grasp. This is when a baby picks up food or

other objects between the thumb and forefinger, not just the palm of their hands.

5. Your little one is showing interest in mealtime! They are excited to join and might even

try to grab your food and eat it.

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