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Spice it Up!

When it comes to food, the more flavor the better! Your little one agrees with this as well. Baby food does not need to be bland. In fact, the more spices and herbs added to your little one’s food will help their taste palette be broadened. With these added flavors, kids will be encouraged to open up and try new foods when they are older.

Not only do herbs and spices add flavor to your little one’s food, they also add nutrients. A little bit of flavor goes a long way. Start by adding a little pinch, here and there, of spices such as pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, oregano, and ginger. Add finely chopped herbs such as parsley, dill, cilantro, and mint. Fresh herbs will provide more flavor, but if you only have dried herbs that works great as well!

Another way to add flavor and nutrients to your little one’s food is cooking and baking it in healthy fats such as ghee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Below are some of my favorite flavor combinations that my daughter loved! Try them out and let me know if your baby loved it!

  • Apples and cinnamon

  • Sweet potatoes and cardamom

  • Yams and paprika

  • Carrots and ginger

  • Eggs and turmeric

  • Berries and mint

  • Avocado and cilantro

Not sure where to start with starting your baby on solids? Get in touch! Be sure to also read my latest article on Starting Your Baby on Solids.

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