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Products I use & Love

This list includes products that I use and love. Whether you are trying to put together a new mom essential list, decide what products are best for new moms, or what products are best for babies you have come to the right place. My affordable list of options will make breastfeeding and meal time a breeze. 


Best products for new moms

Best products for babies

If you have questions about products please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

best products for new moms, best products for babies

Best products for new moms

I love the HAAKA breast pump so much! Especially when I would nurse and leak on the other side. Attach to the other breast while nursing and no more spilled or waisted milk! A great way to build up milk supply without pumping!

This was my go-to nipple cream for cracked nipples! It helps with discomfort and tenderness so much. You can also use this on your flanges as a pump lubricant! Just apply a small thin layer to your flange prior to your nursing session.

new moms

These washable bamboo nursing breast pads were a game changer when it comes to leaking in between nursing sessions. I was originally using disposable pads and found them to be not as absorbent and irritating to my cracked nipples. The organic bamboo is incredibly soft and absorbent with a waterproof layer to prevent leakage!

Ditch the hospital peri bottle and get the Fridababy Upside Down Peri Bottle. Because the bottle is upside down, it is so much easier to use and angle. Fill with warm water and add 1-2 witch hazel for extra relief.

Best products for babies

The reason that these spoons are so great for spoon introduction is because they have a flat design so your little one doesn’t need to worry about scooping, balancing, or figuring out how to hold the spoon. It helps your little one practice going from food to mouth.

This cup is the best training cup for infants! It is designed to fit in your baby’s mouth and hands and because it is made of soft silicone, it helps protect your little one’s developing teeth. It has a weighted base for easy set down and a great cup to help your little one practice drinking out of a cup. My daughter refused bottles and so having her learn to drink out of an open cup was so important and helpful!

There are so many different suction plates on the market that are great, but I love the Avanchy Bamboo set because it really is so easy to wipe down and clean, and the suction on it is amazing. This set is also plastic-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, and Phthalate-free.

These are my go-to teething relief drops whenever my daughter is teething! They are the best to help relieve symptoms of teething, more specifically painful gums and irritability. 

new baby

This is my favorite on the go highchair, and even a great highchair to use at home. It is easy to pack and convenient to store. You can also remove the cover and throw everything into the washer!

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