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virtual nutrition consulting for new moms


My consultations are encouraging, realistic and non-judgmental. I encourage new mothers to use their intuition when it comes to nourishing their body and their baby’s body. Intuition coupled with modern research provides families with options that are going to work best for them.    

You will never hear me say you “should” be doing something, especially when it comes to you or your baby’s body. Women get enough of that! Instead, I help you soften the "shoulds" and we focus on things that create more space for recovery, nourishment, and development. There is a world of information to shift through out there, but we with me, we cut to the chase. Consultations will provide a clear path to postpartum and baby nutrition. 


Speaking from experience, it is essential for new moms to practice self-care by getting enough rest, eating nutritious foods, and asking friends and family for support. Having a new baby is a wonderful experience, but it can be an equally taxing experience. I focus on making sure the mother is nourished first so she can then confidently nourish her baby. Nutrition is important to keep at the forefront of our minds when our babies our starting solids. This sensitive time period sets the foundation for our children to cooperatively love a healthy variety of foods.


Common Topics Discussed

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How do I know when to start my baby on solids?

How to meal prep baby food?

Nutrients important for child development


Balancing breastmilk with foods


Recommendations on how to relieve constipation after pregnancy

Top allergenic foods for babies

How to wean breastfed baby

Postpartum nutrition needs


Supporting a new mother's health

Recovery from birth

Common postpartum health conditions

Support for breastfeeding mothers

and more!


Madison was so wonderful to work with. My daughter suffers from a few different digestion problems. When it came to introducing food to my baby, it made me very nervous. Madison gave me so many great tips when feeding my daughter. I learned so much and wish I would have know about it all with my first child. Madison is all around wonderful! 

-Lauren B.

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Fill up your own cup so that you can overflow into the lives of others


“Madison helped me make sense of the very overwhelming world of baby led weaning.  As a new mom I was confused by all of the information out there! Everything she does is backed by data and her expertise as a nurse, mother and certified baby and mother nutritionist. My baby eats better than I could’ve ever hoped! He’s tried so many varieties of food and I feel so confident about the choices I’ve made because of her guidance. If you’re concerned about what and how to feed your baby, don’t hesitate, just book a consult! Madison has a gift and she’ll help you so much. I’m so glad I took the time to work with her and it’s majorly paid off!” 

-Brittany L.

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